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The Best General Search Engines

Our selection of the best search engines, searchable by shortcut. The most popular search engines get one-letter shortcuts while others get two- or three-letter shortcuts.

  • AltaVista   (Shortcut: av)
  •  - Natural language search engine. Just ask an actual question!   (Shortcut: ask)
  • Google   (Shortcut: g)
  • Google Canada   (Shortcut: gc)
  • Live   (Shortcut: l)
  •  - Popular meta search engine   (Shortcut: mm)
  • Yahoo Canada   (Shortcut: yc)
  • Yahoo!   (Shortcut: y)
  •  - is a content destination covering hundreds of topics. Each topic is covered by a “guide”.   (Shortcut: ab)
  • Dmoz  - Search the “Open Directory Project” at   (Shortcut: dz)
  • Google  - Google's Beta keyboard shortcut results navigation   (Shortcut: gsc)
  • Exalead  - One of the best new search engines, Exalead displays preview screen shots next to most results.   (Shortcut: x)
  • Google 100 results  - Search and get 100 results on the first page, as opposed to the standard 10 results.   (Shortcut: 1)
  • Creative Commons  - Search for work licensed under the “Creative Commons” licence, allowing it to be used without copyright restrictions.   (Shortcut: cre)
  • Mahalo  - Human-powered search.   (Shortcut: m)
  •  - Search using's web search (Rediff is one of India's top web destinations)   (Shortcut: re)
  • Google India  - Google India   (Shortcut: gin)
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