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The Best Movie Search Engines

Movie search engines such as or Yahoo Movies are great to check which other movies an actor has in his portfolio, what is the crew of a movie you just watched (especially when the film's credits moved too quickly at the end!) or just about anything else you might want to know about the film industry and movies. Search movies using these sites and keyboard shortcuts:

  • IMDB  - The Internet Movie Database features information on movies and actors and movie crew from around the world   (Shortcut: i)
  • Yahoo Movies   (Shortcut: ymo)
  • And keep in mind that you can search these movie search engines using only a shortcut, no mouse clicking necessary if you use as your search home page. is the ultimate search home page if you want to improve your personal productivity. It will let you search the above-mentioned movie search engines with quick shortcuts, along with 90+ other useful search engine shortcuts.

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