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The Best News Search Engines

Search news to find out more about something you heard today or to complement something you are working on. Some of our users simply type a news search engine's keyboard shortcut without a search term to read the latest news. This list also includes a few blog search engines.

  • Google News   (Shortcut: gn)
  • Google News Canada   (Shortcut: nc)
  • Yahoo News   (Shortcut: yn)
  • Yahoo News Canada   (Shortcut: ync)
  • Technorati  - Search blogs.   (Shortcut: ti)
  • Google Blog Search  - Search blogs. This service is similar to Google news but presents results from blogs only.   (Shortcut: gbs)
  • IceRocket Blogs   (Shortcut: irb)
  • IceRocket News   (Shortcut: irn)
  • BlogPulse   (Shortcut: bp)
  • Google News India  - Search Google News India.   (Shortcut: gni)
  • Yahoo News India  - Search Yahoo News india.   (Shortcut: yni)
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