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The Best Video Search Engines

There is more to video search than YouTube. AOL, Yahoo and others also offer some of the best video search services. Type an artist name, a TV show or just a keyword and choose the keyboard shortcut corresponding to the video search engine of your choice.

That said, we believe that the best video search engines are Youtube, for the hugge collection of videos to search from (more than 20-million videos according to a Google search, as of June 2008) and Metacafe is the best video search for funny videos.

  • Dabble  - Dabble searches video from around the web and lets you organize them.   (Shortcut: dbl)
  • Fooooo  - Video search engine that queries various sources including Veoh, Dailymotion and YouTube.   (Shortcut: foo)
  • MetaCafe   (Shortcut: mc)
  • PureVideo  - Video search engine that queries various sources.   (Shortcut: pv)
  • Yahoo Video   (Shortcut: yv)
  • YouTube   (Shortcut: yt)
  • Blinkx  - 18 million hours of videos.   (Shortcut: bx)
  • ClipBlast  - Meta video search engine with results from YouTube, MySpace, CBS, NBC, ESPN and more.   (Shortcut: cb)
  • Hulu  - Search television shows and movies.   (Shortcut: hu)
  • AOL Videos   (Shortcut: aov)
  • TV Guide  - Search TV listings and videos. TV Guide specializes in “official”, professionally produced video content.   (Shortcut: tv)
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